Sponsor A Child

Change a life

You can break the cycle of poverty with an investment in their future

When you make a one-time or recurring donation,

you provide the support a child needs to graduate from school and university to follow and achieve their dreams. 

See your donations in action 

Countryside school and hostel provides urban level education to the girls and boys of nearby villages of Gir forest. Watch Testimonial

More than 200 girls get scholarships for Studies to achieve their life dreams

20 Girls from tribal communities are doing masters in Sanskrit at Somnath Sanskrit University and 15 girls from poor communites are studying at Takshashila Vidyapith at Dhandhuka. 

Establish a Sponsorship

For the cost of one coffee a day, you can make a child's life so much better!

for 1 Residenstial School Child

Sponsor 1 child for 1 day $5

Sponsor 1 child for 1 month $151

Sponsor 1 child for 1 year $1400

Sponsor 1 child for 10 years. $12000

Donor Recognition: Scholarship named after you or your loved one;Donation will be used towards expenses of a child for his/her one year of education.

To get Fiancial Aid Guildeline and form please contact us.

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Previous Scholarship awarded to 


Fenil Bhatt, Std-11

Prashil Bhatt, Std-8

Tejaskumar Dave, Master-1

Yash Raval, Std-12

Harsh Bhatt, Std-12 

Akshat Kanojiya, Std-12

Vishalbhai Joshi, Std-12

Dhairya Trivedi, Std-12

Mihir Bhatt, FYBA

Ayush Soni, Std-12


Nishchay Bhatt, Std-9 

Dipakkumar Upadhyay, Std-9 

Parth Mehta, Std-8

Dev Joshi, Std-8

Keyur Joshi, Std-8

Kuldip Joshi, Std-9

Harivansh Rajguru, Std-9

Kashyap Mehta, Std-9