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Food for needy

Food supply to Healthcare heroes in COVID 19

Lockdown at MSICU of Toronto general Hospital.

Supply meals to 100 people staff in ICU who are working 24/7 in lockdown to care sickest COVID patients.

Food insecurity in India is growing rapidly.

Food insecurity takes a serious toll on people’s physical, mental and social health. This project is for the underprivileged people & rural patients who are suffering with an illness, and often go to Government Hospital. They do not have enough money to buy medicines or nutritional food. thus providing them nutritional food will help them to improve their health.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables will be distributed to underprivileged people, patients in Govt hospital, old age homes, orphanage and homeless people who are really in need of them. It will also go towards the many families that have lost their jobs and are unable to fully meet their needs.

The goal of SGVP is to help ensure that all people in need have reliable access to nutritional food.

With your help, we will be able to provide our best support to the people in need.

Our supporter - Keyur Gajera, Bhadresh Radadiya, Haresh Patel, Nihar Savaliya, Ghanshyam Gajera, Dharmesh Patel, Piyush Parmar, Jay Dhanak & Volunteers

Immunity booster Herbal Tea for Jamiyatpura Village

SGVP, local village head, volunteers Like Govindbhai Patel and others decided to boost up immunity through Herbal tea for each person in the village after finding 1 COVID positive case in small Jamiyatpura Village. Everyday morning hot herbal tea was provided free to every person in the village. Herbal tea was prepared as per Indian Govt's Ministry of AYUSH's recommendation To boost up immunity in the COVID pandemic. This was done under guidance and supervision of Govt Ayurveda Clinic Dr. Bhavikaben Prajapati (Ayurveda) since 15 May for 1 month. Watch Video

in COVID-19 Lockdown in India

March, April and May 2020 India was under a COVID-19 lockdown and thousands of temp workers were without home and food and having extreme hardships. So we had decided to provide food to these unfortunate folks.


Photo album - https://photos.app.goo.gl/HSZi9t99Bn2gyGW76

meal for students

Sponsor a special meal on your birthday, wedding anniversary or any other occasion. SGVP provide vegetarian, sattvic, healthy, freshly cooked meals to rushikumars at Darshanam.

$2.5 for 1 student

$25 for 10 students

$100 for 40 students

Your $500 donation will help feed 200 students at Darshanam Sanskrit Sansthanam.

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